Why SCT?

What we do

The Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines brings Wall Street to the Main Streets of communities throughout our five-state district. We obtain access to funding through the global capital markets, and in turn, provide liquidity to our nearly 1,500 member-owners at very low rates. Through the combined size and strength of the Federal Home Loan Bank System, FHLB Des Moines has the ability to support a continuous flow of funds to our bank, credit union, insurance company, thrift and community development financial institution members.

We work through our member-owners to not only provide stability for their business activity, but also to promote the creation and preservation of homes through the Bank's Affordable Housing Program. Started in 1990, the Affordable Housing Program is considered to be one of the most effective affordable housing programs ever created by Congress.

The FHLBank System provides a stable source of funding for depository institutions and is governed by the Federal Housing Finance Agency. Wholly member-owned and receiving no taxpayer funding, our unique structure allows us the flexibility and security to best meet the needs of our member institutions.

Together, with our members and community partners, we strengthen neighborhoods and impact lives, not only in our district, but across the country.

For members and their communities

FHLB Des Moines strengthens communities by giving members access to lower cost funds and grants that support commercial loans, mortgages, agricultural lending, affordable housing and economic development.

We recognize that financial institutions are at the heart of their communities. These community lenders are invested in the stability of their communities and depend on their reputation and customer service for long-term business success. Additionally, they rely on FHLB Des Moines to meet the funding needs of their communities and provide safe and affordable housing.

Together we build strong communities...financing a new business on Main Street, creating housing or supporting a graduate's college education.