About the Bank

In 1932, a government charter established the Federal Home Loan Bank System as part of an effort to inject the struggling financial sector with non-taxpayer liquidity. FHLB Des Moines opened our doors – along with the other Home Loan Banks across the nation – on October 15, 1932 to serve five Midwestern states. Today, we serve nearly 1,500 members across 13 states and three U.S. Pacific territories.

Our mission has remained the same for more than 80 years: to provide readily available, low-cost liquidity to local lenders in all economic cycles.

Providing a safe and reliable source of liquidity in times of stress is exactly what the System was created to do, and did do, during the most recent financial crisis. The System, which is designed to expand and contract based on the liquidity and funding needs of its members, served its purpose. Not only did the System stay strong, it took no government money and even increased lending to members.