2015 Strong Communities Award

The Strong Communities Award honors the projects, people and programs supported by FHLB Des Moines member financial institutions that help communities thrive.

You can vote for your favorite below. The voting will serve as a component of the selection process to award $15,000 to one urban and one rural project to promote small business and economic development in the community. Voting takes place from October 5 to October 16, 2015. Individuals will be limited to one vote per 24 hours. If you are having issues placing a vote again after 24 hours, please clear your browser’s cookies.


Urban Finalists

Bankers Trust, Bank of the West, Vision Bank and Wells Fargo Bank

Organization: Iowa Community Capital
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Population: 569,633

Harborstone Credit Union, BECU, OnPoint Community Credit Union and Verity Credit Union

Organization: Business Impact NW
Location: Washington and Oregon
Population: N/A

Kitsap Bank

Organization: edg3 FUND
Location: Western Washington
Population: N/A

Rural Finalists

Community Bank and Trust, Central State Bank and First National Bank of Muscatine

Organization: City of Muscatine City Council
Location: Muscatine, Iowa
Population: 23,034

First Southeast Bank

Organization: Community & Economic Development Associates
Location: Harmony, Minnesota
Population: 1,007

First State Bank of Claremont

Organization: Langford community leaders
Location: Langford, South Dakota
Population: 316

Hawthorn Bank

Organization: Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce
Location: Jefferson City, Missouri
Population: 43,330